Something wrong with my bi-turbo?

hi, i have a ttlx 04 and all i have is a bi-turbo right now. The thing is that my friend got a brand new sprint with stock everything, and he beats me off the start and keeps the lead but at like 25-30 i start to pull ahead. Isn't the bitrubo supposed to make your acceleration much better? I have 2000 miles on it right now, i never really cleaned it yet, is it clogged with carbon? Thanks, John

Re: Something wrong with my bi-turbo?

Pipes are very specific. You can either get more low end or more top end. Your unit seems to be specific to the top end.

Most people want to go faster.

Re: Something wrong with my bi-turbo?

it might have nothing to do with the biturbo, he might just be geared a little faster. its hard to tell. also carbon is never good and can decrease performance

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