Tail light problem

I have a 2004 Tomos Sprint, I noticed the other night that when I turn my moped on the tail light will come on but it shouldn't do this unless I turn the lights on. If I turn the lights on the brake light comes on and if I use the brakes nothing changes. I did take it in a while ago to get the front head light checked but because the low beam wire whould shake lose. I don't know if this is related or exactly when the rear light started messing up. Anyone have a idea whats going on ?

Re: Tail light problem

Sounds like a brake light switch is no good or somthing of that order.


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Re: Tail light problem

Any idea how hard it is to change that swtich ?

Re: Tail light problem

Yeah same thing happened to me .. what happened was i didnt have the front brake hooked up, so it was pushing back sometimes, causing the light to stay on

Re: Tail light problem

I don't understand you lost me, do you mean the wires going to the tail light ??

Re: Tail light problem

Is it possible that when I took it in the wirerd it backwords ?

Re: Tail light problem

Just about anything is possible. I had a brakelight problem on my Motobecane, and it went like this:

Tail light was on all the time, and using either brake had no effect on the brightness. I checked the handlebar switches, and sure enough - one of them was not switching (they are the double-throw, 3-wire switches).

Took the switch off of the lever perch, and it fell apart in my hands. It was pretty tricky, but I was able to get it reassembled.. it was like working a little puzzle. After this, both switches worked fine, but I still wasn't getting a brake light.. or so I thought.

Pulled off the tail light lens, and tried it again. Turns out that when I applied a brake, the tail light filament was lighting - and the brake light was on all the time! I couldn't see this with the lens installed, as the brightness of the brake filament was masking the tail light filament.

So, I found that the wires to the brake light could be swapped. I switched them around, and that did it. Proper brake and tail light action.

This is one of those found-abandoned bikes, where everything is wrong. So, this wasn't too much of a suprise to me.

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