What type of Flywheel puller for Bravo

I have a bravo that I can not get started. It has spark and compresion, and it has fuel. Even if I put gas directly in the cyclinder and then try and start it nothing. I recently got the bike as a project, the points look new and I did adjust them, but I am wondering if anything could be misswired under the flywheel? What type of puller would I need to get it off? How does the puller work? Thanks for any info or tips.

(The carb has been removed and thoroughly cleaned, new plug, new gas, tail light bulb is in good condition - What about the other lights?)

Re: What type of Flywheel puller for Bravo

Bruce Wilkinson /

A special puller is needed. Try and whack the flywheel on the bell part with a rubber mallet, do not hit the fins.Zippy has a puller if the whack doesn't work.The points are set at .015''.Is the decompression valve fully closed ? bruce

Re: What type of Flywheel puller for Bravo

If you have good spark, fuel and compression, you need to look at other things.

Like, is there any accumulation of liquid fuel in the bottom end? If there is, most 2-cycles won't make so much as pop.

To check for this & clear it out, pull the spark plug, shut off the fuel, then crank the motor over as fast as you can. If there's fuel in there, it will spew out of the plug hole. Keep cranking until it lets up, then put in the plug and try to start it.

Re: What type of Flywheel puller for Bravo

Does the Bravo have a Ignition/Headlight switch on top of the headlight? If it does that also has to be on along with the switch on the right handle bar.

Are you using a New spark plug? NGK B5HS recommended.

If you are getting spark I would double check the carb and make sure you can see thru the main jet and that air passes thru the vetical brass tube inside the carb.

Are you getting gas into the flaot bowl? Make sure the fuel passage in the carb is open. Remove the float and clean the opening where the float needle valve seats. Also check the intake pipe that the fuel line attaches to make sure it is not clogged.

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