moby throttle doesnt want to disengage

ok dont know if that is nessesarily true (the subject of my post ) but it is the only thing i can think of.

for some reason when i come to a complete stop it pulls me forward and when it is on the stand the rear wheal spins like a maniac, yes like a maniac!!!!

could this be a piece of crap logged in the carburator holding something open?


Re: moby throttle doesnt want to disengage


Could be as simple as the idle being set too high, or not enough slack in the throttle cable. If there's no slack, adjust it till there is some - enough that when you turn the bars side to side, there is still some slack at the extremes of travel.

Re: moby throttle doesnt want to disengage

-you may have pinned the throttle valve slide thing in the wrong position when you put the top back on the carb. I did it once, full throttle all of the time.

-you may have an air leak in the carb, check where it attaches to the intake.

-take the airbox off and look through the intake while you pull the throttle, see if the valve opens and closes properly

-squirt some oil down the throttle cable

Re: moby throttle doesnt want to disengage

I took my carb apart Thursday night when i first got my bike and put it back togetherwhat i thought was correct, and when we ran it it was full throttle all the time, no matter what i did with the cable. Yesterday my dad took it apart and said the throttle slide?(aluminum piece on the end of cable)was upside down and said it runs normal now.

Re: moby throttle doesnt want to disengage

hey thanx for all the advice ill see about it tomorrow

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