my puch problem

well, i have been fixing up my '78 puch newport for a few weeks now. kreemed the tank (went well), cleaned carb, changed fluids, etc ,etc. well today i thought everything was ready. I tested for spark, compression, and made sure my carb was clean. Sooo...i go to start it up and i don't get anything at first, then i pedal a little harder and it DOES start up when i let off the starter lever and twist the throttle all the way down, but the thing has no pull in it and it's like an idle with the throttle all the way down. the moment i let go of the throttle the thing totally shuts off. so i decide to look in my carb again and i remove the screen off the banjo bolt. i go to start it up again and i get some pull and ride all the way down the street about 100 feet with smooth accelleration. but the second i let off the throttle the thing dies and i haven't got it back running since. i can start it but it boggs out pretty quick. i checked the tranny fluid for kix and it was dark brownish/black two days after putting in new fluid. does this have anything to do with my problem? there is a lot of smoke out of the exaust and im guessing this moped hasn't run in years. also when i stop the moped and have the throttle down (because that's the only way it will keep running) it sounds like slight banging in the cylinder (im guessing it's the piston). i really don't know what to do next. could this have anything to do with my spark plug gap?? please help!

Re: my puch problem

Jason Luther /

does it have the air cleaner. is it clogged? did you try a new spark plug? did you take the carb completely apart and clean everything real well? the fact that the trans fluid is ruined so quickly kind of points toward a bad crank seal. although perhaps the stuff that was in there before was so nasty that the residual fluid left after draining it tinted the new stuff.

Re: my puch problem

as far as i know ive done all of those things well. i bought a new spark plug but i haven't messed with the gapping, so i guess that's my next move...

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