leaky transmission plug on 79 maxi

well, the other day i went to change out the transmission fluid in my 79 puch maxi and now it doesn't want to seal properly. after looking at it, it doesn't seem that it's the right bolt. i checked the manual at mopedriders and it seems that the drain plug is the kind that screws in with a flat head screwdriver. but the one that's in my maxi is a hex bolt with a strange leather (?) gasket. i had to mummify it with teflon tape to get it to where it wouldn't drip. but after riding it to work, i got a few drips.

so my question is, do i have the right bolt in there? or not? if not does anyone know where i can get a replacement? is that something that i can order from mopedjunkyard or ike's? does anyone have one lying around?

Re: leaky transmission plug on 79 maxi

a straight threaded bolt (anything but a tapered pipe-thread) will need some kinda gasket to seal.. Taping the threads won't do it.

Since you can't crank down on it or risk stripping the threads in the case, the gasket should be soft, not like a solid copper gasket-washer as used on a car's steel oil pan. Puch probably used a flat screw head so people wouldn't use a wrench... if the gasket is working you don't need a lot of torque. Sounds like the previous owner substituted a hex head bolt.

If you can't find a stock seal, try a neoprene (rubber) washer or soft plastic.. maybe just thick paper gasket material.. Leather is porous but that's still better than nothing.

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