Engine gaskets

I just started trying to restore a 1977 Bianchi Bianchimatic. I took the engine apart and found the head gasket was shot. Does anyone know where I can get gaskets for this engine? My dad says that we might be able to buy gasket material and make our own. Is this true? Would it work?

Re: Engine gaskets

Yes it would, they are kind of hard to cut, and make sure you get one thats MEANT FOR THE APPLICATION there are lots of materials to make them out of... Since it is the head gasket, you can generally do without it as long as you fill the gap with some hi temp RTV stuff...like I use hi temp silicone Black (which resists oil).

Re: Engine gaskets

Jason Luther /

make one out of aluminum flashing. use scissors and an exacto knife to cut out the center, then use a drill to make the 'post holes'. it works great, and it about .02' thinner, so itll boost your compression a little, giving more low end. what size carb you got on that thing? mine came with a 9mm delorto, so ive done some mods and made a 20mph model into a 33mph model

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