FA50 "Wierd" Carb

I have a 1984 or 85 Suzuki FA50 that I was given. I had to clean the carb, and when I put it back together, I noticed what I though was the plug for the bowl, was actually a tapered adjustment screw.

From reading elsewhere on this forum, I found the other two screws are air/fuel mix and idle, but I cannot find anything that tells me what this screw does. It appears to allow a metered amount of gas to flow out the overflow tube up to a nipple on the side of the carb.

Can anyone help me with this?


Re: FA50 "Wierd" Carb

if it's on the bottom of the bowl, and it leads to a hose, it is the drain. The taper gives it a better seal.

Re: FA50 "Wierd" Carb

Terry Smith /

I don't think that's true, because the bottom of the bowl is sloted and designed to let more fuel flow out the tube up to the top if you open this adjustment more. I've looked at every schematic that I could find, but none show this arrangement.

By backing the screw out, the gas will flow into the bottom of the overflow tube out the tube and up to the nipple on the side (or top, I'm not at home and going by memory).


Re: FA50 "Wierd" Carb

Why would the overflow tube be connected to a nipple on the side of the carb?

The nipple on the side of the carb is probably the bowl vent. What are the chances that someone lost the tube off of it, and not knowing what they were doing, connected the tube from the overflow to the vent nipple?

Both the bowl vent and the combination bowl drain & overflow should have their own tubes heading toward the ground.

But the part you are describing - a tapered screw in the bottom of the bowl, that looks not unlike an idle air screw, sounds exactly like a common type of bowl drain valve.

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