'77 puch newport spark problem

hey yall. my bike was running fine at the BBQ11 this last weekend in kalamazoo. so i get it home, and taking it out of my friend's car, i notice one of the wires came apart. so we cut it and put it back together and taped them with electrical tape. so it ran when we started it. then, after he left, it wouldn't run at all.

so i replaced the spark plug (i went from a bosch super to a champion) since my other plug looked a little fouled. still didn't work. then i cleaned the points, still no spark. do you guys think it's a wiring issue or a timing issue? or maybe something else all together?

also, this probably sounds really dumb, but on the bosch super spark plugs, there is a silver cap on the end (that goes into the boot) that screws off. on the champion plugs, they have the silver cap, but it does not screw off. does this matter at all? i've never used anything but bosch supers.

thanks, tim

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

the cap does screw off on a champion... just use a pliers..

before you start diassembling your engine... and creating new problems that didn't exist before you decided to repair the first problem... recheck the wiring... Puchs dont just develop mystery problems... keep it simple and look for the obvious... check the wires to the horn... and the tailight bulb... and anything that might have disconnected or shaken loose on the trip... make sure the on/off switch is in the on position lol... j/k but the point is.. before you go off on a rant tearing the ped apart... check the simple things! :P

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

maybe something tugged your spark plug wire and ya gotta jam the little bastard back a bit further, i had that problem once.... just a thought

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

ok, we just changed to the proper plug, cleaned and adjusted the points to the proper gap. Checked the wiring to the off switch, all other wires look secure. Checked the spark plug boot and how it seats into the high tension coil. All looks good. Checked the timing, checked bulbs in the rear tailight, they are secure. Also we looked over the wiring harnes for any problems, could not find any. The points are a little worn, but they don't seam to be shot as it was just running. I'm no expert but I think we narrowed it down to a problem on the stator plate, coil condensor ect. Or it's in the wiring. I have a spare stator I will slap on there next week if I can get a puller or if one of our other guys can't get out to take a look at it this weekend. This is Tim's only mode of transportation, so it is important that he has it running. Does anyone have any other things to check. It's prob. something dumb that we are overlooking. Thanks in advance.

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

"so we cut it and put it back together and taped them with electrical tape."

make sure you solder important wire connections together, friction connections are completely unreliable, especially under the tape where you cant see whats going on.

as far as electrical problems go there are only 3 possible things that can go wrong.

1. Incorrect gap between the magneto and the coil.

3. Incorrect points gapping

2. Bad coil.

testing both of them is fairly easy. actually...ive never had any experience with the type of magneto's on mopeds, just engines with flywheels and fins and what not...

if the first two things check out, its a bad coil...it DOES happen. Ive seen two in a row brand new ones go bad, all that has to happen is the coil heats up in a certain place and melts the internal wire coating and its gone. Its more or less a process of checking questionable parts against other working parts...like put the stuff in a working bike in order to isolate the problem

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

I agree we should have soldered the wire, but we did not have the proper tools on hand. Also that wire was for the headlight. They run on seperate coils. Unfortunatally my maxi is having problems of it's own and I have been too buisy to work on it this week, but I have a few extra parts so hopefully we can test against what we know is good. Thank you for the ideas.

Re: '77 puch newport spark problem

make sure there's gas in it :P

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