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1987 honda wont start its a 50cc 2 stroke gas tank and oil tank seperate.when cranking eng over i get to much oil in cylinder.fouls spark plug any ideas how to fix, also been siting for 6 years.


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Re: no start

if you suspect the oil injection system of malfunctioning, disable it and pre-mix a tank of gasoline and oil.. results will reveal if the oil injection is the problem or not.

a bike that's been sitting for years normally develops fuel system troubles, mostly related to gasoline's tendancy to oxidize and decompose over time This leaves behind varnish in delicate areas.

Symptoms usually include plug fouling from too much fuel.. one common cause is a leaking float needle valve.

Another common situation is no start due to the opposite .. no fuel delivery due to a clog somewhere in the fuel pathway.

So the residue from deteriorated fuel can cause both too much fuel and not enough fuel delivery.

Re: no start

hey man thx for the help ill try to do that,do you know were to go to get plugs and parts? well thx again

Re: no start

What make and model are you talking about?

Is this a moped or a scooter?

Where are you located?

Re: no start

i have a honda elite 50s its a moped im in new port richy fl

Re: no start

The Honda Elete is a scooter, not a moped...but the solutions are the same.

If the unit has been sitting that long the carburetor will need to be cleaned. The oil injection unit will be suspect. Do what joew recommends and run pre-mix in it.

Your local Honda dealer should be able to help you with parts and service. Otherwise, look into scooter websites to get more info.

Good Luck

Re: no start

Make sure the float and everything are in good working order. You DONT want to have remove all that damn plastic more than once in the same day. If you block off all the oil lines and such pre mix will work just fine.


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