bad clutch

How do I tell if I have a bad clutch?

Re: bad clutch

is the cable good, the spring in the carburater doing what it should be doing, is the lever pulling the cable??

when i thought my clutch was junk i checked all those things and it works fine.

make sure that there is nothing preventing the spring from flexing and contracting and that the cable is lubed up properly.

you may find that the cable is stretched a bit, i tightened mine up a bit and all was good.

anyway thats just to fix the cable,

Re: bad clutch


It would help if we knew the make & model of the bike; there are several different types of clutch, several ways for them to be 'bad', and some bikes have more than one clutch.

To me, a bad clutch generally means slippage. Motor races, but you don't get much acceleration or road speed.

So what are your symptoms? Slippage? That nasty burning smell?

Re: bad clutch

Its a single speed Sanyou Group SY50qt. Never heard of it huh?

My motor does race, It lags like a mother. That burning smell, sometimes, not all the time. I figured that was just me riding the brakes. The bad thing is, I dont think I can get replacement parts for my scooter. I look on the internet all the time. Haven't found a single web site. I want performance parts and I can't find sites to get those either.

Re: bad clutch

Sanyou.. Sanyou?

Same company that manufactures Magnetbox and Sonry?

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