Not getting power

I have a Sanyou Group SY50qt scooter. I'm sure no one has ever heard of it. Anyway, when I pull the throttle back it doesnt go for a few seconds. It makes these rev sounds and then goes. I dont know anything about these scooters so I was hopein someone could help me. Also, on the off chance someone has heard of the type of scooter I have, please tell me where to find replacement parts.

Re: Not getting power

im no expert but it sounds like your clutch is bad

Re: Not getting power

hmmmmm. Maybe. I just ran it and as I was goin down the road it did it. It was for about twenty seconds this time

Re: Not getting power

Also, could i buy any regular cluch and put it on. I have looked and looked but found no replacement parts for my "yoda"

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