moped repair in Reno or Truckee

Does anyone know where a Puch moped can be repaired in either the Truckee, Sacramento, or Modesto,CA areas? How about in the Reno, NV area?

Re: moped repair in Reno or Truckee

What is wrong with it? There are a couple mopeders in the Sacto area that may be able to help.

Re: moped repair in Reno or Truckee

Great! It is a Puch Maxi-Luxe Hi Torque, 2 HP, made in 1978. The throttle is frozen, not at the handlebar but the linkage into probably the carburator. Does this sound like something the businesses in Sacramento could fix? If so, we could bring it to Sacramento on June 2. Can you give me the names of the businesses and their phone numbers (addresses)? Thanks, Alysa

Re: moped repair in Reno or Truckee

Get some WD40 and spray it on both ends of the throttle cable and it should loosen it up, esp on the lower end. Also, spray some where the cable connects to the carb. It could be gummed up there as well. Try to work it back and forth gently and see if you can work it free. It might not be a bad idea to spray some underneath the right handgrip and lube that area as well.

That is what a repair shop would do. If that doesnt break it free, the cable may be jammed or damaged.

Good luck!

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