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hi, my seat is wreaked and im thinking of recovering it myself since a company gave me an estimate of 80 dollars, money i dont have....just wondering if it is an easy process, and what things i need to no before i do it.

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I have tried doing some upholstery work and when finished it looked like an amateur did the work. Have you looked for a new seat? Jim

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I've been thinking of recovering as well. With 2 rips that can only get worse, it's on my list of things to do.

There are 2 options for covering material: marine grade vinyl, and leather. The vinyl is easier to take care of and is waterproof (take care of the seams). Leather is just nice, though you need to treat it on a regular basis. I'm thinking of leather. You do need to have access to and know how to use a sewing machine. I'd try to do a template from your old seat cover. The template should be folded down the middle and cut as one to ensure you have both sides even.

One problem is how do you attach the cover to the seat pan? Some use staples (if the pan is fibreglass), rivets, and some lace up like a shoe. I'll be gluing down the cover to the foam.

It doesn't look too hard and I've researched it a bit. I'm thinking of contouring the seat pan up at the rear edge so it fits your tush a little better. Can you sew?

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Re: seat recovering

If it cost 80 bucks, then its prolly worth 80 bucks of work!

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