Link - Cleaning 2 stroke exhaust

I found the method and mixtures off of the web site I link to at the bottom of the page, the method calls for pure lye, as I was unable to get lye in my neighborhood easily, I used powdered draino (60% lye) .

My first step was to calculate how much my exhaust would hold, in my case it was just under a liter, then I took the ratios and mixed accordingly.

BE CAREFUL lye heats as it reacts, use a metal container if possible, plastic will melt, make sure you are in a well ventilated area (I almost died!) and WEAR GOGGLES and GLOVES, long sleeve shirts etc...

leave it overnight (longer the better), pour out the next morning, and rince thouroghly. the first time you put it back on the ped, you should see little puff of white smoke out of the exhaust , and it'll be a noticable "put, put, put...."

for fun if you want to see the difference, spray some carb cleaner into the air intake prior to cleaning, observe the exhaust smoke (it'll be white) and then do the same after cleaning...

I have to do this again, my pipe had 7000 km without ever being cleaned, jelly bean size chunks of carbon/oil came out of mine...

Good luck

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Good looking out... but excuse my ignorance but what does "3LB caustic to on gallon mean". 3 Pounds? That doesn't make much sense.

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Dollar store, oven cleaner/tide soap/purple powder... these have cleaned most of exhaust or grease problems I have ran across.

sounds crazy but I would try on last resort. good info thanks.

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My betterer methods

1. attach hose to machine, turn water on, start engine, jam wand of pressure washer into either end of exhaust pipe, grab ahold of the handle and click it on...enjoy!! its fun for the kids too, acts like a water sprinkler.

2. Advance your timing 50% so that the fire explodes inside your exhaust and ignites all the carbon and crap and blows it right out the exhaust.

3. If your too lazy to advance your timing, freeze your entire pipe using liquid propane and then light it. Watch the dirt just burrrnn off.

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caustic soda .. sodium hydroxide.. dry, powdered drain cleaner .. hmm.. forget the brand.. white can with a red cap.. 8oz (?) is like $4 in a grocery store.. so find a cheaper source.

3 pounds to a gallon is a lot.. meaning its gonna be pretty powerful.. take your skin right off.. maybe blind you before you have a chance to wash it out.

it will cut grease but won't affect carbon unless the carbon is greasy .. which it is.

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Yeah we use castic soda to keep our high pressure boilers clean this is very powerfull stuff your skin will just bubble off at that concentration. It will though clean you pipe beter thatn new.Jim.

Link - Cleaning 2 stroke exhaust


theres about 4 liters per gallon, so measure your pipe, and adjust accordingly...

ie: i liter capacity in the tank would require .75 lbs of pure lye , if using draino, you would use 1.25 lbs of draino per liter of water (it's at 60% concentration of caustic soda) Draino comes in a 500 gr container (in Canada) this is just over 1 lb (454g)

I used a complete can for one liter, and it worked. I didn't leave it in long enough though.. (Had to go to work in the morning)

YES it's extreamly caustic - be careful.

Auto machinest will attest, that caustic soda is the chemical used in a "hot tank" or a "dip" , amongst many other uses a machinist would bathe a head block or other component in a bath of concentrated caustic soda, to clean it.

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