CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

Well, so I moved into this house a few months ago, and in the basement there are a few frames and one o them is a ct90? Im assuming this is a cross between a moped and a bike? correct me if I am wrong, cause I know nothing about them. But from what it looks, its missing its motor and whatever else. It has tires, brakes, etc. Just no motor, after talkin to my landlord, friend of ours, said its been down there for years, and I am free to have it. So, the question I have is, where do I get a motor for it, or more information on the CT90 to fix it up. I have a jeep, thats QUITE built up, so this is a side project for my girlfriend. Any help would be quite appreciated. btw, nice to see you moped guys around kalamazoo this past weekend, about 30? of you runnin down stadium, sort of why I am breakin out the ct90. Thanks


Re: CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

CT90 is an inexpensive Honda 4-stroke.. I have a C70 and have seen these in running condition for as little as $200.

90cc is not suitable for highways but does carry with it the requirements of a full fledged bike . So, I recommend you check out the costs of licensing and bringing it's registration up to date, etc. before dumping a lot of money in it.

Go by the local Honda dealer and get a copy of Clymer's "Honda 50cc-110cc OHC Singles - 1965-1999 .. about $25 .. has everything you need to know to rebuild them.

Re: CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

Leon Swarmer /


here is a group that is totally deoveted to the bike. It has dual range tranny (or 2 rear sprockets on the earlier one)

top end about 50 in the high range. it is a great trail/city bike.


Re: CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

I have one might need some work(straight out of the junk yard). Everything is their except the the carb.

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Well, it looks like I am going to be piecing things together. So I guess I should take some pictures to see what is there...and what I will need. Most everything I dont have I can fab up. just dont know a whole lot about the bikes to say I know what I am missing.


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Also, apparently there is a motocycle junkyard in town, just wondering how much I should expect to pay for a junkyard ct90 motor?


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junk prices skyrocket when someone wants that particular piece of junk..

registration fees on my C70 were near $400 .. hadn't been registered since 2001 .. no kiddin.. it was 90% penalties...

found this out only after i turned the basket case into a healthy, potentially productive member of society,

That bike will never see the street.

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i have a ct90 motor i have just finished rebuilding. new clutch, piston, rings, lots of other goodies. i wouldnt sell the motor for anything. i also have a cl90 which is the street version of the ct90 with a manual clutch. i'm in progress of restoring it. pic attached. got any questions...ask me lol!


Re: CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

How do you figure out what carb to use on those damn things?

my shop mate has 2ct90s and one of those cl90's about 5 parts motors, and around 9 carbs. He can't get one to run well at all!

E-mail me and I'll let him talk to you.

Re: CT90 Engine? new to mopeds

hi i have a CT 90 motor kicks over but doesnt run if interested let me know via e mail

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