Puch Flywheel mess

I thought maybe one you guys, would tell me if this crankshaft is toast. or is it serviceable. the flywheel i know is toast, it has a crack on the inside. I just wanted to know if I need a new crank also.

Or do I need to trash the crank or get another motor. any suggestion would be helpful.

hate to have to buy new motor. or crank will prob ley be impossible to find. thanks Dean.

Re: Puch Flywheel mess

heres the other view.

Re: Puch Flywheel mess

Re: Puch Flywheel mess

it doesn't seem all that bad from here.. at least the tapered cone seems to be running true. Camera movement makes it hard to tell. Check it for runout with a dial indicator.

looks to me like the threaded end is tweaked a little and might be responsible for all of the crankshaft's wobble. Since the flywheel itself is cracked and probabaly twisted somewhat, it's own independent wobble mean it's not very informative watching that wheel spin.

gonna be a touchy situation straightening out the threaded end of the crankshaft ..

Mark it's point of maximum runout.. Then a lucky whack or two with a hammer on a piece of hardwood might bend it back.. (Assuming there's no runout on the tapered part, support the tapered part so there's no chance of bending that at the same time.)

Maybe leverage on a piece of steel pipe slipped over the threads will do it.. Going too far will be easy and this requires a light, careful touch..

If a new, straight flywheel spins ok, you were sucessful.

When mounted, keyway lined up, the cracked flywheel should confirm in what direction you need to go.. but a dial indicator is much preferred.

Re: Puch Flywheel mess

sorry My daughter,s not the best camera person lol, thanks for your input Joe, I will try what you suggested. just for sake of it all Where would one even find a used crank? Ebay I'm sure but you never know how stupid the bidding go's . And Im always the poor sob that always gets screwed on the shipping. If any one got used crank please mail .me.

Thanks again Joe Your a wealth of information and credit to this forum.

thanks Dean

Re: Puch Flywheel mess

try themopedjunkyard.com for parts.. afaik they dont sell complete engines which should mean they do sell crank/connecting rods. Hopefully it won't come to that. If it does be well prepared. There's more involved than swapping cranks.. like setting side-to-side clearances is critical, etc.

thanks for the compliment.. but i've learned so much hanging around here i'm obliged to try to contribute something in return.


Just wanted to tell you my friend found me a new flywheel for my Puch, and that fixed the problem. No starting problems what so ever regaped the points and she now runs like a new ped. Just wanted to tell you thanks for all your help .

Thanks Dean


very cool.. you're welcomed.. did the end of that crankshaft need any straightening?


Just, gave it some love taps, with dead blow hammer. and it seated properly. and gap between the wheel and lighting coils

is correct. yeah somebody loves me.........

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