rusty fuel tank

Pulled the old PA80 out of the shed this week. My 14 year old wanted to play with it. It had been parked because of a contaminated fuel system which I was aware.

We managed to get the carb and tank off the bike (thanks to the instructions found here)

What I had found was a fuel tank (had plenty of gas) that was full of rust sediment.

I plan to clean the carb and install an in-line filter but does anyone here have any ideas on how to get all that rust sediment out of the tank? Thanks.

Re: rusty fuel tank

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Re: rusty fuel tank

I think there are instructions somewhere on this site for doing just that. If the tank is not removable you will have to open the bottom of it and run alot of degreaser and other harsh chemicals to get rid of the inital junk, and then i believe there is some sort of "gas tank repair kit" you can buy which has "stages" of chemicals to put in in order to re-coat the inside and prevent more corrosion.

That should help you out.

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Re: rusty fuel tank

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Re: rusty fuel tank

the before picture on the left at is definetly not the same object as the after picture below it...The little odds and ends are in different places... there are missing bolts on the first picture....not to mention the "5B" which is missing in the "de-rusted" about false advertising?

Re: rusty fuel tank

When I cleaned out my tank last (in like, '99, I'm going to have to do it again) we used a mixture of turpentine and ball bearings. We shook that stuff around to scrape up the rust, and then the turpentine ate away at it. Then, we used some other pretty rough chemicals, and eventually my tank was pretty clean. Installed a new in-line filter and a new in-tank filter, and we were ready to roll again. I'm pretty sure I'll be following the same style procedure this time around, too, considering how well it worked. Hahaha.

Good luck though, half my problems have always been fuel system-related!

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