Speedometer installation on Tomos?

I have a new speedometer cable to put on my Tomos Sprint 2003.

My old cable broke due to rust as a result of rain getting inside the cable from a tear in outer plastic sheath (plastic covering).

The new cable came in a package along with a little rubber washer.

What end of the cable is this washer for?

I don't see a rubber washer on my old cable.

Maybe it is inside the speedometer or where the cable connects down by the wheel?


Re: Speedometer installation on Tomos?

The rubber o-ring keeps moisture out. It go's between the cable and the drive unit.


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Re: Speedometer installation on Tomos?

Thanks Grey.

Maybe that is why my speedometer cable broke.

A few months ago I took it off to fix the gears inside the speedometer. I did that successfully but I guess I lost the rubber washer. My cable did have a small cut in the outer plastic protective coating; about 1 inch long.

Now, should I put some white lithium grease at both ends of the cable before I install it?


Grommet in the way?

I cut the old cable in half to remove it.

How do I get the new cable thru the rubber grommet up by the handle bars? The end of the cable is too large.

Also, what end do I put where?

One end of the cable is smooth and the other has small cross-hatch cuttings.


Re: Grommet in the way?

The rubber grommet through the tripple tree should have a split in it and come right out. Install the cable and put the grommet back in. And the cable should have two different ends like a plastic thread on one side and a metal thread on the other. The plastic side go's to the speedometer. Wd40 should work for spraying the cable since it should protect it from moisture.


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Re: Speedometer installation on Tomos?


Obviously there are different speedometer cables.

The cable Ike sent me doesn't fit on my speedometer.

The bottom part does where it screws into near the wheel but not the top part; it is too large a diameter.

Also my grommet didn't have a split in it but I cut it and made one.

Earlier this year Ike sent me a speedometer that wouldn't fit my cable so I sent it back. Now he sends me a cable that one fit my speedometer.

Oh, well.

I don't need a speedo anyhow.

I will until Aug 8 for Ikes ride to take this cable back to him.

It's not worth the shipping & handling to send it back.

Tomos Sprint 2003 rider.

Re: Speedometer installation on Tomos?

Maybe you can trade it for the correct cable :)


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