my batavus wont run proper with the air filter in

I rode my batavus around the block a bit runs good without the air filter but wont run worth a shit with it in there.i cleaned it real good ..its the metal mesh disc type.........ive cleaned the carb a few times..ive cleaned the tank and installed a inline filter......i cleaned the exhaust out good.i even removed the baffle.didnt seem louder and seemed to improve the will do a steady 25 without the filter and get there in a decent amount of time......only can get 15 out of it with the filter in,and it struggles to get there ,,,,,,,,,,,does it need a new jet? is it a timing issue? other than that she is a nice little ped..........the headlight doesnt work and it idles a bit high if i try to lower it it stalls , but I think once i get the other issue sorted she be ok.....any suggestions?

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

Removing the air filter allows more air in. This leans the mixture and improves things..

This indicates that the engine is otherwise running too rich, which means too much fuel is entering the engine.

The carburetor is not able to meter and mix and deliver fuel/air in the correct ratios. Problems with idling is another likely symptom. A high float level (among other things) could cause both problems.

Although removing the air filter improves things somewhat, there is something wrong with the fuel system. And there's a great chance that when it's fixed the bike will run a hell of a lot better than it can now, with or without the filter.

Assuming everything else about the engine is in good shape, blame the carburetor.

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

well theres no fuel adjustment on the encarte carb.........should i put a smaller jet in? or should I put a lower restriction air filter in it?I dont think I can get much less restrictive than the one thats in there.......Ill take the carb apart and look at it again...........maybe i can find something wrong with it.........although i cleaned it with carb cleaner and was damn near just bummed, because its like the only issue right now it has..................other than that its a good little scoot.hell it dont hardly even smoke.......

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

Changing parts might hide a problem but it wont fix anything.. i wouldn't even consider changing jets. But getting a new air filter element might be it.

Encarwi-Bing .. If the carb is perfectly clean and the choke, slide, etc are working properly and adjusted.. i'd have to suspect the air cleaner element is restrictive... Because if the problem is not too-much fuel then it's just not getting enough air ..

From what i gather, if it's a 14mm carb top speed is supposed to be near 25mph. A Batavus Service-Repair manual is HERE

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

just curious could I have the points too far advanced or delayed? I know the gap is right, but didnt realize that i could have changed the timing....she starts with 1 kick, so that may not be it ........also tomorrow im going to cut some new carb gaskets and make a new rubber washer for the air filter I dont want any vacuam leaks, and check to make sure I put the float in right side does about 22 or 23 mph right now and theres a sticker on the ped says its designed to do im almost there lol.........

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

timing? i guess it's possible.. some combination of things is possible too. Check it.

Getting an old bike into top shape can be a real chore... and keeping it on the road is like a never ending struggle.

Re: my batavus wont run proper with the air filter

I had the float installed upside down with the point i flipped it over and made new gaskets for the carb and reed valve to block seal.....Ill let yall know how it runs tomorrow........;)

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