Tomos Won't Start, Leaking Gas

When I went to take out my Ped this morning I noticed it was leaking gas on the floor.. I took it out and shut off the petcock and noticed it was no longer leaking. I then turned the petcock back on and tried to start it with no luck. This thing normally starts 1st kick with no choke even when i dont use it for 3 days. What's wrong?

Re: Tomos Won't Start, Leaking Gas

Sounds like your float may be stuck in the open position. Remove the float bowl and check it out, clean and reassemble. Then pull your spark plug out and turn the motor over a few times to get the gas out of there. (All assuming it is a float problem and that it is flooding.)


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Re: Tomos Won't Start, Leaking Gas

I got it working!

My friend came over and it wouldn't start. I pulled the plug and it was full of gas. It seemed to stop leaking gas after kicking it to start it and bouncing with the ped/moving it. We then put my friends plug in and after 10 kicks it started up and puffed out huge clouds of blue smoke for a bit.

Luckily, the float unstuck itself and everythin is fine now

Tomorrow I'm gonna get a new plug and clean the carb because the float shouldn't get stuck


Re: Tomos Won't Start, Leaking Gas

i had the same prob. with a 1994 TTLX, clean that carb real nice so it wont leave you stranded lol!

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