Blue spark in my magneto

I switched out the magnetos on my Puch Maxis and I replaced the points on one of them. So I have a 78 maxi luxe with a 86 maxi sport magneto and flywheel,with new bosch points. Now heres the weird part. I started it up and it sounds fine, but there is a blue spark inside the flywheel coming from where I hooked up the points wire to the condenser. I did this at night so maybe the blue spark is normal and I just couldnt see it in the daytime. But I'd like to know if this is bad, or if it is normal. Lastly, There is no grey wire that connects to the brass coil on the flywheel, so now I have 1 less wire to connect. And I have an old puch manual so all the wiring diagrams dont show a puch engine witout the grey wire.



Re: Blue spark in my magneto

Jonas Quimby /

A flash between the points is usually from a faulty condenser. They're pretty cheap and easy to replace.

Also check to make sure the wire is attached properly.

Re: Blue spark in my magneto

Its not on the condenser, my mistake, its at the end of the coil. where the wire goes into it. Do I have my wiring wrong on the terminal? Or do I have to soder it?



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