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how can i test if i am getting enough power to my headlight for it to shine?

Re: headlight power

The test is to look at it.. i guess the thing doesn't light up at all?

Attach any bulb you know to be good (like a tail light bulb) to the headlight's connections. Start the bike, activate the switch.. If you get nothing, look for a disconnected wire or a broken switch.

If you get something, attach like a 6Volt battery (or a couple flashlight batteries) to the headlight's connectors. It should light up unless it's broken.

Or, you'd be able to do this and a lot of other things with just a multimeter (select volts, ohms, etc) if you have one and know how to basically use it.

Lots of old bikes have neglected wiring .. loose, corroded connections and switches.. if this bike is like that and you want a reliable ride, take the time to straighten everything out.

Re: headlight power

hmm.. just to be clear..

Attach a known good bulb to the bike's wiring to test the bike's wiring..

Attach a battery to the headlight to test the headlight..

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