Puch Magnum assembly

I'm in process of putting back together a Magnum MK II. Installing the rear luggage rack I seem to be missing a bracket or something.

The front of the rack connects to the shock mounts but the middle of the rack looks like it needs to connect to something below the rear compartment but there isn't anything there for it to connect to!

Can somebody post a picture of this bracket so I can see what it looks like?



Re: Puch Magnum assembly

This view is a Sport MkII.. see attachment.

It looks like Puch supports the middle of the racks with a bracket attached to the rear of the seat.. Maybe no bracket is needed on the Magnum? But if there's an unexplained hole or two in the rear of the seat, that little triangle (or similar) may be what's missing..

the pic came from page 66 of THIS puch spare parts manual..


Re: Puch Magnum assembly

Tim Annett /


THanks for your help and especially for that link! Unfortunatly the Magnum rack is different. It mounts underneath the seat somehow but there isn't anything underneath the seat for it to mount to.

Somehow I must be missing a bracket that must attach underneath the seat.


Re: Puch Magnum assembly

hmm.. there's gotta be some bracket mounting hole(s) on the underside or the seat.

www.themopedjunkyard.com might have the bracket.

But it wouldn't be too difficult to make a bracket if you can measure, cut and bend thin metal and drill a couple holes.

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