mobylette exhaust

ok i got the exaust for my mobylette the other day and just tried to pu it on.

the problem is that i think that it isnt the one i need or there is a piece i need that i dont have.

when i screw it in therer is a ton of wiggling going on and there is no seal. is this one the right one for my ped


Re: mobylette exhaust

here is the part to attach to the ped


Re: mobylette exhaust

i need to get this on so i can ride it when i finish getting it going 100%

Re: mobylette exhaust


I had the same problem. You need a copper exhaust gasket. It's an o-ring made of soft copper that you put between the exhaust and block, and it crushes slightly when you tighten down on it.

1977 Mopeds in Kalamazoo was far and away the best place to get one (that I could find)... call them up at (269) 344-1977.

Re: mobylette exhaust

Ooh, it looks from your first picture like your old copper ring is still in there, but crushed beyond usefulness. Pull that one out first.

Re: mobylette exhaust

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

do you have the piece that holds the rear of the pipe to the engine? that will tighten things up as well.

Re: mobylette exhaust

all that is on the pipe is a threaded nut kinda like one from a water hose and a ( what i belive to be ) a lock washer, kinda looks like a piston ring.

there is also a clamp to hold it to the bottom of the bike.

i need to get this thing on cause it is too friggin loud for me haha

Re: mobylette exhaust

do they have a web site i can order off of or do i have to call them?

Re: 1977 Mopeds

They do have a website here , but it pretty much just advertises the new mopeds they carry. Call them up, it's pretty painless... I talked to one of the owners, and he was quite helpful. Of course, they'll probably be pretty busy this weekend, I think they're the hosts of the big Moped Army BBQ.

Re: 1977 Mopeds

oh im not worried about talking to them i just wanted to know if i could just buy it online to save myself the long distance haha

i thought that they would be busy so i actually just e-mailed them for now and ill call on tuesday or wednesday


Re: 1977 Mopeds

Heh, sorry about the "pretty painless" comment, moped_bandit... I had some roommates in college (computer engineers, go figure) who insisted on ordering pizza online, even though it usually resulted in a botched order and longer waits, because they preferred it to talking to a real person. Glad you don't have that problem!

Re: 1977 Mopeds


i dont take things personally so no hard feelings.

yeah the roommates thing sux, i had one that would rather not go out than to have to socialize, and if he could have ordered food online he would have i guarantee it.


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