Vespa ciao won't work

Thomas Rozeske /

Hi, i have a Vespa ciao that has worked for my entire life with no problems ever. It just recently stopped working, what happened is when i started the moped, it ran fine but wouldn't get above 10 mph so i stopped it and it never ran again. It has compression and i just replaced the spark plug. If you know what is wrong or have an idea please send me something.

Re: Vespa ciao won't work

Bruce Wilkinson /

Use Freds guide in the articles and check to see if you have spark. If you do then I would take the carb off and give it a really good cleaning. bruce

Re: Vespa ciao won't work

How many miles does it have on the engine? Could be a clogged muffler. Try removing it and see if it will start and run faster. Will be a bit noisy so warn the neighbors.

Could also be a blown base gasket.

Also as Bruce suggested use Fred's giude and go through the trouble shooting step by step and assume nothing!

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