Avanti clutch won't disengage


I have an '01 Avanti Super Sport that will not downshift to neutral and idle nice when stopped. When you come to a stop, you stall. I've changed the fluid several times, and haven't overfilled. There are no rattles like loose parts inside the case either. I'm not sure if anyone ever monkeyed with the clutch before. Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Re: Avanti clutch won't disengage

Nick Napolitano /

Should change the whole clutch assembly. Its not hard at all since the Garelli trans have to be the easyest to work on so its worth the try.

Re: Avanti clutch won't disengage

Will the bike sit still at idle when it's first started up? Or is the clutch engaged and does the engine stall whenever the bike is not moving?

Re: Avanti clutch won't disengage

could be some bearings inside

it happened to my tomos a3 and after i changed the beraing it was fine!!

good luck!

Re: Avanti clutch won't disengage

Perry Manessis /

Your rubber clutches have swollen up. You will need to change them. Check this site <www.avanti-usa.com> call them up and ask for Walt. The Garelli rubber clutch system is prone to this if you do not stroke the ped indoors and water gets into the tranny case. Also make sure you haven't conected the carb's bowl overflow line to the crankcase breather. Gas or water in the tranny will cause this.

Re: Avanti clutch won't disengage

if it's true that the rubber compound absorbs gasoline and swells (i cant see water doing it), allowing that part to air-out so the gasoline has a chance to evaporate and it should shrink it back to normal size ..

i've experienced this with parts made of various rubbers and synthetic elastomers... very mild heat (like 85F or so) and a fan for good air circulation will speed it up.. worth a shot, imo.

still not a bad idea to have spares on hand ..

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