Cady spark coil query

I replaced my non working coil (Novi 125440) with another coil (Novi 25540 I think, it's not right here) and it gave my Cady spark, but it is weak and seems inconsistent in strength. The points were cleaned, consdensor replaced, spark plug is new.

Do you think this weak spark could be due to the fact that I have a 12 volt coil on a 6 volt bike and don't know it?

Does anyone happen to have a 6 or 12 volt Motobecane with the latter numbered coil on it?

Re: Cady spark coil query

After January,1978, Motobecanes went to 12 volt is what I understand. I don't know about the coil number,though. don-o

Re: Cady spark coil query

I read that somewhere. All I know is that my Cady is a 6volt bike. After some tinkering, the spark problem seems resolved.

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