two questions

1. The fuel jet on my 72 Cady (Gurtner carb) has a slow leak, is there any quick way to stop or fix it?

2. Does anyone know where to get sheets of gasket material (for top and bottom cylinder gaskets), I want to cut my own, and i'm cheap!

Re: two questions

If you're talking the jet screw holder,teflon tape is my old standby for that sort of problem. Handy Bikes has anything you need for that.

Head gasket,you can use a piece of copper or aluminum flashing from Home Building supply. Base gasket,you can use the gasket material from an Auto Parts place unless it's the light colored paper. The darker stuff is better.

If you use too thick a piece of either,it will drop your compression though. dobn-ohio

Re: two questions

I'll check my local autoparts store for the gasket stuff (thanks for the tip for the head gasket!) and pray for darker stuff. And as far as the leak, I hope the tape helps (is it the same stuff plumbers use-because I have some that kicking around) if not is it possible that the little ball-bearing is the problem? And Don-you are the king!!! THanks for the help.

Re: two questions


Yeah,just the plumbers' tape.....if it's too thick,it'll stretch and thin out. I don't have a mental picture of that ball, so I'd have to look at it again. Stay with it,Chris! happy ridin'! don-ohio (:^D

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