Puch ZA50 seals and bearings

Before I even consider cracking open my ZA50, could someone provide the exact SKF bearings numbers (along with how many of each) as well as the seal sizes (and, again, how many of each) so I can try to have them BEFORE I start, rather than hunt later?

I know that there is some carryover from the E50 (I think there is at LEAST one 6203 bearing) but the graphics I have seen show more than bearings than the single speed, without identifying what they are.


Re: Puch ZA50 seals and bearings

thats the lazy mans way tear it down, make some tools for pulling or like i do weld to he old bearings use a piece old piece of pipe the right size and then weld a nut on the pipe and screw yhe puller in it. hell i make my own case gaskets with ball peen hammers.

Re: Puch ZA50 seals and bearings

Rayn Kozikowski /

theres a lot to screw up on this tranny. i pitched mine and got a 1 speed. its not worth it to mess with the 2 speed.

Re: Puch ZA50 seals and bearings

A. J. Souza /

Well, thanks for the stories, but no one has actually answered the QUESTION. And, yes, I do have three E50 single speed engines, one complete, one mostly and another missing the clutch and flywheel/stator assembly. I also have a spare ZA50, one broken one and another (the one in question) which has that bearing noise you don't want to hear.

So, all of this STILL doesn't answer what I thought was a straightforward query.

Re: Puch ZA50 seals and bearings

hey man

i have rebuilt a 2 speed before and it was pretty easy to get seals and bearings for it. i wound up trading that bottom end off for a vespa engine.

i can get you bearings if you crack the case and give me the numbers on the sides.

hope you have the tranny locking tools for the 2 speed.

also, when taking off the first speed gear that funny nut

if a reversed thread.....lefty tighty, righty loosey.

i have the clutch locking tool and the 2 speed puch

rebuild manuel if you have any questions. just mail me.

also have the bearing pullers for both the 1 speed and 2 speed

i like the 1 speed engines better. less complicated


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