puch flywheel remover

What is the easiest way to remove a puch flywheel? I do not have a flywheel puller yet, is it still possible without it?


Re: puch flywheel remover

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puch flywheel puller

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Re: puch flywheel remover

Rayn Kozikowski /

take a pair of vise grips and clamp them down where one of the 3 loops meet on the outside of the flywheel. after you get the 14mm nut off take a hammer and tap lightley around the edges of the flywheel, while pulling back on the vise grips.. i do this with all of my bikes and if u do it right u wont screw anytthing up!!!

Re: puch flywheel remover


Were you aware that the shock from hitting the mag flywheel with a hammer can reduce or kill the power of the magnets in it?

Really folks, just buy a proper puller. They are not as expensive as a new magneto rotor, or god forbid, crankshaft.

I guess it's a matter of philosophy. This equipment, properly cared for, will outlast all of us. We think we own it, but really we're just custodians of it. Take the long view, get the bigger picture. Try to preserve what you have for the future.. someday, someone will thank you - even if they never knew who you were.

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