Puch Bent flyewheel

hope this loads ok , the mov clip. I notice my flywheel was bent all hell-westren crooked. or my crank is bent. My ped ran fine for two weeks and then I finished adding my parts to it, tail light and speedo, and boom no spark. i thought my points were out of gap at first , so pulled the mag cover off and notice my flywheel is wacked, either the crank is bent or flywheel is. I did notice the flywheel is cracked on the inside of hole. A hair line crack. must over tightened it. I assume this would cause the mag to not perform correctly and not create a continuous spark. if anyone can point me in the right direction would be helpful. or I have to go through and check all my wiring connections again. And at last on these 6volt systems does all the bulbs have to be working to complete the circuit.

Re: Puch Bent flyewheel

damn.. that thing is certainly wobbly and loose on the crankshaft end... Unless you have a welder and know what to do.. and can repair-weld the crack and end up with a wheel that's square and straight, it's toast, imo.

I can't tell if the crank is also bent.. but from the looks of that, the coils are nowhere near the magnets most of the time and the points may even be having a lot of trouble opening and closing..

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