FA50 turn signals wont blink

can anyone help me with my turn signals. For some reason my turn signals wont blink. I have replaced the entire wire harness and signal leads and made sure all the bulbs are good. The lights on both sides are bright but solid when I turn them on. I dont know if ther is some sort of relay or blinker modual that is bad or maybe something Im missing. or are they supposed to blink at all. Any assistance would be great. Thanks for any help. John from NY.

Re: FA50 turn signals wont blink

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

If all bulbs are the proper rating then I think the flasher unit is bad. Jim.

Re: FA50 turn signals wont blink

Ok. Now where is the flasher unit located and what does it look like.

Re: FA50 turn signals wont blink

its inside the headlight bucket. its a little black box.

Re: FA50 turn signals wont blink

Thanks. I pulled it out once and thought it was a horn relay. I pulled it out again and took the cover off. Inside the relay is two metal tangs. I just had to adjust them a little bit and now i have blinkers. thanks for your help.

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