Solo & Puch - same magneto?

I was looking at a photo of a Puch magneto, and noticed that it looks totally identical to the mag on my Solo engine. Can someone confirm this, and also, let me know who made it?

Does the same part appear on other bikes? Sachs, Batavus, etc?

Re: Solo & Puch - same magneto?

Dave Peterson /

I am working on a Sachs moped and the magneto looks like a Puch magneto. Both are Bosch. Skipjaz

Re: Solo & Puch - same magneto?

maybe same engine? the E50 is very common.

Re: Solo & Puch - same magneto?

This sounds about right. Sachs, Solo and Puch - all german, all with what looks like the same (Bosch) magneto.

One thing I noticed - the Puch has the mag on the left side of the motor, and the solo on the right side. I wonder if they are the same parts, or if they are 'mirror imaged'.. look identical, but everything is exactly opposite.

Re: Solo & Puch - same magneto?

lol, some shmuck at the manufacturing plant probably flipped the schematics by accident, haha!

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