Kreeming the gas tank

I am in the pre-Kreeming stages on my ped right now and I've run into a snag. Everything was going just fine. I did Step A and out came a bunch of rust sediment. I then rinsed out on par with the instructions and even went to the car wash down the block and gave it a good cleaning. I then put the Step B solution in (which is supposed to absorb any remaining moisture inside the tank). I expected to have the B solution come back out looking as clear as it went in, as I thought I got rid of most of the rust in the tank. However, the liquid coming out was nice and dark, like it found more rust. Now I'm in a situation where I don't know if I should re-do steps A and B to get rid of any remaining rust or if I should go ahead and Kreem the tank. And if I DO re-do the steps, should I buy new acetone or Isopropyl alcohol (to absorb the moisture) Any ideas?



Re: Kreeming the gas tank

Unless that tank is spotlessly clean of rust, do NOT apply the Kreem material, or you will regret it.

BTW, I'd really only suggest using Kreem on a tank that is near death, or is leaking. If you can get it cleaned up with acid / water / alcohol, I'd call it good and run with it.

Re: Kreeming the gas tank

Why would you suggest staying with the acid/water/alcohol combination without the Kreeming?

Re: Kreeming the gas tank

Bruce Wilkinson /

I used Kreem on my 2 Vespas. I would redo the rust remover stage. You must have a bare metal interior for the Kreem to stick to the tank.I am very happy with the results I got on mine. I never have to clean my carbs anymore. bruce

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I say this because I think that doing the least work, that really fixes the problem, is best. I've also seen a lot of bad results (it's very sensitive to how it's applied) with Kreem.

If you can get the rust out, and keep it clean, that's just as good as a Kreem job. I'd only suggest that stuff for tanks that were already leaking, or so rotted out that it was just around the corner.

Re: Kreeming the gas tank

If you got that dark color on part b i'd recommend doing a again. Its possible that you didn't get all the rust out on the first step. I did mine twice also. Just to make sure. Your suppose to use soap and warm water to rinse out the tank after the etching. Seeing you brought it to the car wash it looks like that might be what you did. I just did mine at home and rinsed it a bunch of times until the water ran clear out of the tank.

I took compressed air and dried the inside of the tank and took a peek inside with a flashlight. If its nice and grey inside your ok. if not and you still see rust I'd do step one again, maybe overnight. Then do the rinse again. Dry the tank with compressed air and use the part b to clean the tank. right after that put in the kreem turning the tank every ten minutes. That part b is only MEK which you can get at home depot/ Lowes. Be careful though, it eats paint fast if your not careful.

All depending on how bad your tank is will depend how long its going ot take for it to clean the rust. It seemed to work real well for me and so far so good. at least I don't have top worry about rust anymore.

Re: Kreeming the gas tank

I just used a rust removal product from on my Puch tank. I considered the results to be nothing less than fantastic. You clean the tank as best you can and put their product in for 48 hours, rinse and put back in for 24 hours. This stuff is so safe you can drink it-Won't hurt your paint or rubber and does not etch the metal. No liner necessary if you put gas in after drying the tank and use stabilizer. It is expensive at $80 a gallon, but it is reusable for several times. This is a great solution for built in gas tanks because you don't have to disassemble the bike to be able to rotate the tank. Not having to deal with liner flaking off after a year or so is another big plus.

Re: Kreeming the gas tank

Mike Scouty McScoutington /

i just helped kreeam a tank on a motobecane today. it worked very well to pressure wash the inside of the tank before step b. i brought it to an almost perfectly clean inside.

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