1978 batavus w/laura M56 no power to wheel

hello all. i just acquired a 1978 batavus w/ laura m56 engine. it was mobile untill yesterday. there are several problems with it. the first is that the pedals don't always engage. i have to roll the wheel a bit before they engage, and they usually dont stay engaged for too long.

my bigger problem is that i can get the engine started, but no power gets transferred to the wheel. the drive pulley spins when i rev it, but i dont get any power transfer to the chain. if anyone has any ideas about ether of these problems please let this mechanically deficient soul know how to fix this. thanks,


Re: 1978 batavus w/laura M56 no power to wheel

Don Pflueger /

the pedal problem is most likely a bad freewheel. the freewheel is the gear on the back wheel that has the bicycle chain on it. remove the rear wheel and see if the freewheel spins freely in reverse and engages in forward. sometimes spraying some wd40 or any penetrating oil in it will help it to work. what happens is there are two spring loaded clutch dogs inside it. they get dirt or rust in them and they stick in a down position. when this happens, the frewheel wont engage. you can take the wheel to any bicycle shop and they can remove your freewheel and you can buy a new one from there. the cheapest place to buy freewheels is www.danscomp.com.

as far as the power transfer from the engine goes, it sounds like your clutch is not engaging. it is located under the plastic cover on the left side of the engine. it is a centrifugal type like a mini bike would use. look at it to see if every thing is moving freely. also check your belt to be sure its properly tensioned. there is a batavus service manual located at www.mopedriders.org in the moped repair section. it is for a 76-78 va50, but i think the hs50 also applies.

Re: 1978 batavus w/laura M56 no power to wheel

thanks for the free wheel info. im not sure if the problem is at the rear wheel though. the pedals dont move the chain at the front end.

also, im not sure the problem with the drive train is the clutch. i can get the engine running, and the drive pulley spins, but it just spins on the axle. i took it off and just looking at a diagram online, it seems a key was missing. there was no part in the groove on the axle. i think it was only transferring power b/c the drive pulley was cranked down too tight. how can i diagnose if it was for sure the clutch or this apparently missing key?

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