Electrical problems puch/maxi

My maxi had been sitting outside over the winter with a tarp over it. When i pulled it out to start it up again, it wouldn't. After dicking around for a couple of days, i narrowed it down to the right hand brake. When trying to start the bike if you applied the right brake it would start, otherwise, it was dead. When the brake switch was in the bike it wouldn't start without the brake being applied. When i disconnect it, it runs perfectly. To shut it off i touch the brown wire (grounding i think) to any part of the bike. So i went to a junk yard and got a new switch. put it in, and now it works the exact opposite. It runs when the brakes are off, and then shuts off when applied. I think it has something to do with the grounding wires. Anything would help


Josh Schutz

FUMP (Northern Colorado Moped Gang)

Re: Electrical problems puch/maxi

Lets start with your newest problem first. The reason it's working the opisite is because you installed the wrong type of switch. puch used 2 types and they look the same. One opens the circut and one closes the circut.I belive from your discripition you have installed the closed when aplied switch? When brakes are applied it acts as a kill switch for the engine grounding through the light bulb filiment.If you get the other type switch it should work.To test wich switch you have hook up your mutimeter to each of the connections of the switch and set your meter to conductivity if it sounds immediatly without applying the switch it's the open when applied switch.If it sounds when you apply the switch it's the closed when applied switch.HTH.jim

Re: Electrical problems puch/maxi

Smitty Smith /

99% of the Puch 'peds I've worked on, the brown wires are supposed to be ground. Is it possible that the harness isn't connected properly?

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