CIAO - Loud whirring?

Hi all,

just got my Ciao running, brought it for a spin and foudn it very loud, like a big whirring sound that increased with speed.

Any ideas?


Re: CIAO - Loud whirring?

i've already heard that ciao mopeds were loud as hell and that was normal for this kind of moped.

Anyone else?


Re: CIAO - Loud whirring?

Bruce Wilkinson /

Mine's not loud. Where's the noise coming from ?Crankcase ? Rear hub ? Clutch ? bruce

Re: CIAO - Loud whirring?

Humm good question Bruce,

I'm having a hard time getting my head down that low while driving lol...

I'll put it up on the stand tonight, and let her go, I'm not sure if it'll react the same.


Re: CIAO - Loud whirring?

dave, have you received my last email? I know you may not be interested, but i would like to be answered, at least : NO.

i'm comming in montreal this week end, that's why i'm asking.

I can substitute the parts i'm including for 100$


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