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I have a 1980 AMF Roadmaster with the McCollough engine. I got it with a replacement coil or magneto, after removing the flywheel there are two double electrical posts and one single post on a white plastic unit. The wires are Yellow, no wire, black, purple, and a ground wire to kill it. Are these wires on correct? Is there a manual available on line and how do you start this machine?

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I checked the tail lite and brake lite bulb, both are burned out, would this keep this bike from running? The bulb was a 1154, is this a 6 volt lighting system? Any help would be appreciated, my daughter would like to ride this bike.

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Used to be a guy..........DougD(I miss `ol Doug,just like I miss `ol Ron Brown) that posted here. Do a search and try to get his e-mail. He knows those things inside-out. Used to be or something similar. don-ohio

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Thanks for the reply, I sent Doug an E-Mail. I can repair any part on my Indian or my Knucklehead but this moped is driving me nuts!!!

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If it has an 1154 taillamp, then that is a 6V system.

This isn't 100% accurate, but if you have three wires on each of the brake light switches (on the hand levers) then it's the type of system that needs a good taillamp to make spark.

There are two basic manual starting systems; one relies on a compression release and centrifigal clutch, the other just on a manually operated clutch.

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There are only two wires to each switch. The motor has a compression release lever hooked up to the throttle, appears to engage when in run position. How do you start it, Do you pedal the bike to speed and flip the rear lever to engage motor and go? Or do you somehow push the pedals while it is on the kickstand?

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Did you get hold of Doug? He's the best on AMFs. don-ohio

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