Slide in puch carb frozen

I have 2 puchs that I have been working on--a MaxiLuxe and a MKII Sport, both of which have carburators with slides that will not budge.

I have been spraying them with PB and liquid wrench for days but I can't get the slide to move. Hence, when I twist the throttle on the grip, it won't move.

Am I totally screwed? I really don't want to spend $110 for a new carb.



Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

Are the slides stuck in the fully closed or fully open position. If all you have tried has failed, you could always either carefully pry it upwards or tap it down.

I had the same problem as you and I just loosened it by tapping it down with a hammer and screw driver.

I got it loose cleaned the carb and have no problems now.

Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

It's stuck in the closed position. I have tried tapping, but I can't get great leverage and it doesn't seem to budge.

Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

It's a wonder how it ever idled. I'm sure you can get something in there to pry up the slide.

Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

David, have you tried applying some heat? I've used a little butane torch (it's actually for carmelizing sugar on creme brulee!) to heat parts up and loosen them. It's probably hot enough to melt the metal the carb's made of, though, so I'd use it sparingly.... and do it away from your gas tank, and be sure there's no carb cleaner left in there! Try to heat the carb and not the slide, so it'll expand more.

Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

this is an old carb right? my carb is brand new and did this... not sure why. i just popped my old slide in there and now it works great.

Re: Slide in puch carb frozen

See Ya Moped Army /

If it's really frozen in there from years of corrosion, you could always drill the slide out and replace it with a new one. Just be careful not damage the carb walls when drilling it out. I had to do this once before myself.

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