Break light burnrd out is this why it stalls?

The break light is burned out. The tail light will go on for 5 seconds and goes out . Is the tail light not staying on due to the break light burned out?

It stalls when i apply breaks and stop. Going now to get new bulb.

Thanks Jerry

Re: Break light burnrd out is this why it stalls?

jerry it's hard to tell without knowing the brand and model of your bike.but i'll go on the assumption that it's a puch .some bikes were made to stall out when the brake bulbs failed.Not puchs though.When you say the tail light comes on it sounds like either the wiring is worn through somewhere, or the wires were put on the break light switches incorrectly and or the wrong replacement switches were used.Sorry I can't be more specific.Also if it's a puch look under the rear fender thats where the rear harness is look for broken wires that might be grounding.Jim

Re: Break light burnrd out is this why it stalls?

if it was only the bulb that was broken it would only stall when you apply the brakes and break the circuit. some mopeds run on closed circuits so if a bulb blows the circuit is broke, therefore no spark.

Re: Break light burnrd out is this why it stalls?

Motomarina Sebrings and probably Ravens will die every time you hit the brake with a burned out brake bulb. Been there....suffered that! don-ohio

Re: Break light burnrd out is this why it stalls?

I had the same problem on my ped!!!

What happened was the silver reflector inside the back light had an invisible hairline crack in it...the ground runs through that part of the plastic piece so everytime it flexed it sepereated enough to breeak the circuit and it kept blowing the bulbs.. it happens cause the two screws that hold the lens on ,,,when they are overtightened put stress on that part and split the reflector from the back.

The only other thing you need to check is the brakelight switches in the handlebars.. there are two types and they look identical... but one kind opens the circuit and the other kind closes it... as soon as ai figured that out thanks to Chris at MWH and put the correct switches in everything functioned flawlessly....

Those are the two issues I had that drove me crazy till I figured it out!

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