how do i get this guy out?

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I have a 78 puch that is not running. bought it for dirt cheap. little did I know that it was composed of mad dirt. everywhere. anyhow, is this the flywheel? i can't get it out to save my life. tried sprayin it down with cleaner and still won't budge. cursing for ten minutes at it didn't work either.


Re: how do i get this guy out?

The part in the picture is the magneto rotor; condolences on the occasion of your major rust issue.

You're going to have to let some penetrant work on that center nut for a while, maybe a week. Spray it down every day with something good, like Kroil, and let it soak.

Once you can get the nut off, you need a special puller tool to extract the rotor. Once it's off, you can survey the wreckage behind it.

In the meantime, read one of the Puch manuals on and find out if that nut is a RH or LH thread. That will save you some frustration. Good luck with it, my Columbia is in a similar state.

Re: how do i get this guy out?

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It's a regular threaded nut. You're definitely gonna need something to hold that flywheel like a piston stop to get that nut off and remove that flywheel. Some people feed nylon rope down the spark plug hole to act as a piston stop. Also, because it's so rusty, once you get your ratchet on that nut, you might want to slip a piece of pipe over the ratchet handle to act as a breaker bar.

Re: how do i get this guy out?

If you clean the rust from the area around the nut, you'll see that the big hole surrounding the nut is threaded. A proper flywheel puller would screw into that large hole. Then, a bolt going through the center of the puller would apply pressure to the crankshaft's end. Pulling force will be concentrated in the center of the flywheel, not around it's edges.

A puller that pulls on the edge of the flywheel could easily tweak it.

If you're like me, you're impatient and a cheapskate but have a welder.. and would carefully tack-weld a large nut onto the center of the flywheel.. then use a bolt through it to apply pressure to the crankshaft end .. after it's pulled, cut the welded bolt off.

Welding on and around a flywheel (with it's magnets that attract metal from grinding and cutting and which can be de-magnetized from high heat.. and with the delicate wires all over the place) requires some careful thought..

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