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So fortunately my father-in-law has a truck. Unfortunately I didn't take the time to find out anything about tire repair before trying to break in my new Tomos Bullet (essentially the same model as the 'LX' in the US I think).

Anyhow, I flatted (rear wheel) about 10K from home this evening and was fortunate to have nice in-laws who were willing to pick me up.

So now a couple of questions that (unbeleivably to me) I could not find answers to in the owners manual:

1. Does anyone happen to know the size of the inner tube I need for my Tomos? Is it a standard size or will I have to search every tire retailer in the world for one? I know that I can probably patch this one but I would like to get a spare so that when it is no longer patchable I can replace it.

2. Is there anything special I should take account of when I remove the tire/fix the tube/replace the wheel? I have probably fixed 100 flats on my bicycles but I'm wondering about making sure the wheel is trued, etc?

Oh, and I should say that despite the pain of flatting in the first 100 miles, even just breaking it in this bike is tonnes of fun. Other than riding my mountain bike in the woods (which is different and feels much more like work) this is the most like a kid I have felt since, well, since I was a kid!



Re: Tomos Tube details

See Ya Moped Army /

tube/tire size is 16 X 2.25

Re: Tomos Tube details

ride with a bottle of Slime tire sealant and a hand held Co2 inflater from JC Whitney... next time you get a flat just give it a squirt of Slime and a inflate the tire and give it a spin and you'll be on your way... of course it's Murphy's law... and it never fails that as soon as you have the Slime and the inflator with you you will never ever get a flat lol :P

Re: Tomos Tube details

Aren't those mag wheels? You don't true them, you just align the wheel with the engine sprocket.

Tip: Before you take off the wheel, measure the gap between the swingarm and sides of rim. Put it back the same way and tighten chain so that it has 17-20mm total up and down(10mm up and 10mm down)play when you put moderate finger pressure down on the chain between the sprockets,halfway,while the bike is on the stand.

The chain tightens itself when you sit on it,because the swingarm mopves in an arch, and distance between sprockets increases slightly when weight is applied.You almost never tighten a chain tight when the weight is off the bike.

OR you can put 160lbs. on the ped when OFF the stand, and have someone check for 5mm play. don-ohio

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