trac clipper motor dies

1986 trac clipper 49cc engine 300 miles on it. Just got it and runs fast and smooth untill I stop. Sometimes the motor dies. I adjusted idle so it is a little higher. Checked all lights and horn,everything works. Still does it. I don't want to put many miles on it because I want to sell it soon. My uncle owned it and used it sparingly and kept it in good condition.

Thanks Jerry

Re: trac clipper motor dies

Steamboat Aka J. R. Stevens /

Have you done anything to it like fresh fuel, claan carb, change plug etc. Jim.

Re: trac clipper motor dies

I Changed plug Bosh Platinum.

Going to put fresh gas and oil and change crankshft oil cause my uncle may never have changed it since 1986.

Whats a good oil for the crank ?

Thanks Jerry

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