Fuel mixture ?

My Vespa manula says to use a 50:1 mix, I have a (I think) a 43:1 mix for my 2-cycle trimmer, blower and Push mower. Is this close enough or should I get another can and use the correct mix?

Re: Fuel mixture ?

If the bike is in as-new condition and the oil type is as specified by Vespa, i'd recommend you follow their advice .. otherwise it depends on the condition of the engine and oil type.

Personally i adjust oil so that i get little, if any, smoke and no oil dripping from the tail pipe. On disassembly i see a nice coating of oil on all parts. On a modified, high performance bike it might be wise to use more oil and have less concern for aesthetics..

a little bit too much oil is immesurably preferable to just slightly less than the engine needed..

Re: Fuel mixture ?

Jim just remember the smaller the number the more oil you have in your one gallon of gas.so you don't need another can to add to your oil you've already got more than specified by vespa.Jim

Re: Fuel mixture ?

Just use 3 to 3.5 oz. of good quality oil per GALLON of gas mixed,not per tank fill-up.don-ohio

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