Brake noise!!

Dealing with a honda nc-50, rear brake. the shoes are exellent, the brake surfaces clean and smooth, the cable is adjusted right and the brake works perfectly.

It looks and works great,

But the brake makes gawdawful shreiking sounds, and no one can figure out why.

Any ideas? I'm giving the Honda to my ex and getting a Puch, I want to cure this racket before I hand it over.

Re: Brake noise!!

Might be just glazed.. try scuffing up the brake pads and the brake drum. Use some fine sandpaper .. then be sure to wash everything out with a spray can of Brake Cleaner .. about $4 from the auto parts store. That stuff removes grease and dirt and drys completely with no residue. (or use acetone or MEK if you got some.)

Re: Brake noise!!

Jonas Quimby /

The Express's brake shoes harden over time, greatly reducing your braking power and causing them to squeak really badly.

I simply replaced mine with new ones from Honda. Much better.

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