puch carb missing part.

Hey All,

I have a 78 puch magnum with a stock bing carb. Unfortuantely i'm missing the curved piece of metal that attatches to the top of the carb that the throtle cable attatches too. Specifically part 14 in this picture:


i'm afraid that my throttle cable will frey and break without this housing. I can't seem to find the piece online and am told it's no longer available. so i'm asking for any suggestions... is there a viable solution that exists? i'm willing to substitute it for something else that works.



Re: puch carb missing part.

wow, i'm daft someone else had the exact same question about part #14 in

the wtb/sale forum

ike says he has that part new for 2$ at www.ikesbikes.com

so i guess i'll start there.

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