1980 Peugeot 103

I'm an newly admitted ignorant moped owner of a 1980 Peugeot 103 in need of help and info. I don't even know how many cc's it has or how fast I need to go to get the engine to kick in. Does anyone have a site or information that help me better understand what I have and if it is worth keeping. My ex-landlord had given it to his daughter 25 years ago and now to me. It has 324 miles on the odometer. When I cleaned off all the dust from setting in the garage for 25 yrs, it turned out to be a beautiful shine of bright Red. I had no idea what color it was before that. Everything is in perfect condition, but I am afraid to start it, so I don't screw anything up. Should I try to start it? How fast do I need to peddle before the engine kicks in? Please someone help me with what direction to go.


Cindy D.



Re: 1980 Peugeot 103

go HERE and grab all the peugeot manuals..

you got a jewel there.. i found my first moped in a scrapyard .. it had been crushed by an earthmover.

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Hey Cindy....

First off I am a newbie to the world of mopeds like yourself, so take my advise with a grain of salt. But seems to me if the ped has not run for 20+ years you should at very least drain the gas line (if it has anything in it... probably will not) and change out the spark plug (Would be pretty well corroded/oxidised after 20 years). Both these fixes are really simple.

This may go without saying, but make sure to mix oil with the gas if the ped does not have a sperate oil intake. If it does have a sperate oil intake drain the line and replace the oil.

Anyone feel free to criticize my advise, just wanted to pass some advise on that was given to me when I first got my ped.



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Mike Scouty McScoutington /

the carb is prolly in desprite need of a good cleaning.

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Unless it has been modified (unlikely) the displacement is 49cc or close to it, like all true 'mopeds'. Good for you for deciding to learn a thing or two before just starting it and trying to drive it.

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Brendan Connolly /

peugeots are very fast bikes, have fun with it.

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Thanks so much for the info. It is kind of cute and without one scratch on it. I could not believe it only had 324 miles on it. It even has a matching helmet! Can't wait to try it out.



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i'm jealous..

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Re: 1980 Peugeot 103

i have a 1980 type 103 u2. i purchased a 103 crate engine, and a universal CDI box from 1977 mopeds. so i could go to cdi ignition. ok the engine came complete with everything except carb & cdi box., even came with exhaust, my problem is::: neither came with wiring schematic.. they advertise plug and play.. what wires go where,?

CDI Box has 5 wires..(red-black-blue-yellow and a green).

ENGINE has 7 wires coming from stator plate.(brown-green-yellow-pink-blue/white stripe-and 2 green w yellow stripes.) has anybody updated their 103 to cdi ign. how do i wire it? thanks in advance for your help

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Holy crap 15 YEAR old thread!lol You need to create your own thread asking your question. Being that this thread is ancient and literally says nothing about your question in the title, not many people who know about your crate engine and cdi are going to come looking to answer your question.

Anyway, did you look at the wiring diagrams in the moped wiki? What did you buy a universal cdi instead of a peugeot one for your engine? Plug and play is not a thing with mopeds. Is your bike 6 or 12 volt and is your new engines lighting coil compatable?

What carb did you buy and what range of carb jets did you get? Don't wanna seize your engine running too lean.

What's wrong with the original engine? (edited)

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those are all good questions...lmao

, i dont know what a wiki is...i m going to order apeugeot cdi box. when i find one. i dont have a clue if new engine is 6 or 12 volt. i emailed 1977 mopeds several times, asking these questions. i never got a reply back.. i dont know where to start

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my bike is still 6 volt. where would i go to start a new thread?

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Don't order a new cdi! Yet!

Lol, 1977 is known for there general lack of customer service and well..somtimes items not arriving.lol

Next time use treatland.tv, or doscycles.com.GREAT customer service

The cdi you have MAY be fine! Just wait until someone with specific knowledge chimes in....I do know alotta people here have bought those and ran em.

They are actually Chinese or Indian clone engines so a genuine peugeot cdi might not even be what you need! Might work, but just wait.

You'll figure it out, there is alot of knowledge here.

The wiki is this sites knowledge base with tons of toutorials, schematics and specific bike knowledge. Hit the menu button in the upper corner of the page and click wiki.

Once again, Don't buy more stuff! We will help you figure it out!

Re: 1980 Peugeot 103

This post is in the repair forum. So click the menu button, which looks like 3 horizontal lines on a phone. On a PC just click forums, then Click repair. On that page youll see a plain test link on the top that says new topic. Click that, write in the title. Something like " how to I wire a 1977mopeds peugeot crate engine into my 1980 peugeot". And explain your bike and what you have bought Soo far. (edited)

Re: 1980 Peugeot 103

I think what you have on the bike is the Le Partie CDI. No way of knowing without you posting pictures of the flywheel.

You will need this ignition box.

Here is a old hand drawn schematic that I used. It will no doubt confuse you more.


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