6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

Michael Jacob /

OK all you Double "E" types out there, I have a problem and a challenge. The horns on my Peugeot 103s are pretty much worthless, and I don't expect every to be able to warn someone that I'm coming. So I decided to by some VW Beetle 6v horns and put them on the peugeots. Great idea so far, except it appears they need alot more juice than is currently being produced. What do I need to put in the wiring to get the horn to work? I've rewired my house, so I'm not completely elelctrically challenged, but I need some advice from one of the electrical engineers out there.

What do I need to do?

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

There are a couple of problems with this. The VW horn is designed to run on DC power, not AC (as provided by the Peugeot).

Even if you could run it on DC, chances are the alternator in the Peugeot probably doesn't make enough current to run an automobile horn. It would also be a severe strain on the alternator, and on the horn button itself.

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103


You can turn the AC from your alternator into DC (sort of) using a full-wave rectifier, which you can buy as a single component or build out of four diodes. You could use that DC to charge a large capacitor (through a resistor), and have your horn (w/ switch) wired to the outputs of the capacitor. I haven't done the math, though... the capacitor required might be impractically large.

Your best bet is probably a separate battery pack that you charge externally (like a 7.2 V RC car pack) or 4 alkaline D-cells. If you go with the rechargeable pack, NiMHs are probably best (more environmentally-friendly, higher capacity, less picky about charging cycles) unless you use your ped infrequently... if so, NiCds have a somewhat lower self-discharge rate, so they have a longer shelf life.

Actually, I have a 6V cat-eye turn signal kit coming in the mail for my 12V ped, I might look into what it would take to make 6V DC... if I get any promising results, I'll post them here.

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

aside from the electrical installation problems, a horn? why?

BEEEP!! (i can't stop before i hit you.. get out of my way??)

BEEEP!! (i have right of way and you better let me through or else??)

BEEEP!! (Hey you freakin ***hole!! You cut me off! I'm gonna vote to make it illegal for you to eat a hamburger, talk on a cell phone and put on your make-up all at the same time (??)

Drive defensively.. it's a moped.. we are at the very bottom of the vehicle food chain.. gopeds, skateboards, bicycles.. pedestrians.. ALL are above us and should be given right of way even if the "law" says different. The bigger animals can and do smash us like bugs regardless.

I'd actually prefer that nobody sees me (or hears me), because when they do they act weird and often become totally unpredictable.


But back to the topic, a magneto is amps-challenged and has a hard time just keeping the lights on. Hook one of those horns to a battery and measure how many amps it draws.. i bet it's more than all the bike's accessories now draw.

you really need a horn?? Need to make sure someone hears you? Get an air-horn at Walmart in the boating section.. compressed air/bottle type.. loud as hell .. simple..

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

Michael Jacob /

Good Points. I realize that in the end, if its an inevitable crash having a loud horn will simply allow the other dirver to see the look on my face before I lose consciousness!

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

George Smith /

heh well you could always just yell and use a certain finger like i always did, i had no horn.....at all...just a button....ya could just set ur ped up with rifle barrels out of it or have a pouch ya unzip that let's out nails or something to get even

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

_you really need a horn?? Need to make sure someone hears you? Get an air-horn at Walmart in the boating section.. compressed air/bottle type.. loud as hell .. simple.._

I agree that your horn might suck, but you often might need a polite horn, like saying "Hi" to kiddies at a stop light. Your dinky horn just can't compete for air time compared to an air horn. If you want to be heard, get an air horn. Here are some options:

1. air horn from compressed cannister: from Boat section of Wal-Mart, $10

2. Air Zound Cycling Horn : Using a standard bike pump, pump air into a water bottle for a compressed air source. Loud as hell.

3. Car/truck air horn: Uses a 12v compressor, so you need a 12v power source. Might need to buy a small SLA 12v battery and recharger.

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

hmm.. i like this thing.. weighs less than 2 oz. (45 grams) Each refill (!!) lasts for approximately fifty blasts. $28 US aint bad..


Rude Awakening!

I love adrenaline rushes, but not when they're caused by horn-blasting idiot drivers who refuse to share the road with bike riders. It's time for revenge. Louder than a truck's honk, the Air Zound bicycle horn will make any car move out of your way. Just tap the horn with the tip of your finger and away it blows, knocking over semis and launching smaller vehicles into orbit. Air Zound mounts easily on your handlebars and operates on a water-bottle-sized tank of compressed air (the pressurized container can be "recharged" with any standardized air pump). No more getting cut off by cars: use the Zound and let 'em know you're there! Air Zound: US$28. SAMUI Corp.: +1 (416) 425 2583.

Re: 6v VW Beetle horn on Peugeot 103

Modern scooters and Tomos mopeds, at least, come with automotive style horns. All you need to do is get a system akin to those for turn signals. A rectifier for AC to DC conversion, a battery to regulate power, and a horn with a signal generator. Simple Moped horns use the noise generated in the magneto electrical signal to make their noise. If you were to hook the same horn up to a battery, it would make no noise at all, save a click when you attach the leads. I think car horns have signal generators built in, with a preset note.

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