Hobbit motor identification

can anyone tell me if this a PA 50 I or a Pa 50 II motor? It's serial numbers stamped on the motor are Pa50E-H. Thanks for the help.

Re: Hobbit motor identification

PA50E-H is a number you might fiind on a crankcase.. But, afaik, the crankcases on the two bikes are identical.. I haven't heard of a difference between the two bikes that would require different crankcases.

Re: Hobbit motor identification

btw, i checked serials on four '78 PA50II engine crankcases.. all are the same (PA50E-H). The numerals of the 2nd line of the serial begin with 10xxx.. or 11xxx..

The PA50II cylinder has a longer exhaust duration than the PA50I. If you have the cylinder and can check it, measure from the top of the cylinder bore to the top edge of the exhaust port window.

The distance would be right around 1.16 inches (29.5mm) on the PA50II. I'm not sure exactly what the PA50I's would be but the measurement will be slightly longer... enough to tell the difference.

If the cylinder was ported (modified), all bets are off..

Re: Hobbit motor identification

Larry Ward /

thanks for the help I'll check it out further

Re: Hobbit motor identification

If the engine came with the carb. measure it. the PA50Is are 10mm bore and the PA50IIs are 12mm bore.

If you had a I and a II side by side there are differences in the variator cam plate also.

Re: Hobbit motor identification

Jason Luther /

did you check the name plate on the neck of the frame? sadly thats where mine says pa50-I

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